Director TAKCOM / Takafumi Tsuchiya

breathe/feel/suffer/love (work for Munch: A Retrospective)


breathe/feel/suffer/love (work for Munch: A Retrospective)

Installation view for Munch: A Retrospective at TOKYO METROPOLITAN ART MUSEUM

Director: TAKCOM
Producer: Daisuke Hiraga, Nao Matsutake
Technical producer: Hisaki Ito (aircord)
Creative coding: Seiya Nakano (aircord)
Retouch: Baku Kinoshita
Choreography: Shimpei Nemoto
Production: P.I.C.S.
Technical development: aircord
Display design: Takashi Nakahara
Equipment support: Sony Marketing Inc. (BRAVIA)
: ©︎The Asahi Shimbun, P.I.C.S.(IMAGICA GROUP)

This work was created by a visual artist TAKCOM with the technical cooperation of aircord, along with "Munch: A retrospective".
These images are inspired by Munch's statement “One shall no longer paint interiors, people reading and women knitting.
They will be people who are alive, who breathe and feel, suffer and love.”, analyzed and generated through "Neural Style Transfer" the technology utilized a neural network.
Consecutive images inspired by Munch's brushwork, matière will exhibit as an animation with a story. TAKCOM created the world as if Munch wandered through his own paintings.

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